If the Republican Economic Policies are So Good – Why are 9 of the 10 Poorest States Republican?

Poorest States in the Country by wikipedia

Poorest States in the Country by wikipedia


It’s a simple question, if the Republican’s economic policies are so good, why are 9 out of the 10 poorest states Republican?

How’s that “Trickle Down” theory working? In addition to bad economic policies the Republicans have more states that receive more tax dollars in social programs than they send to Washington, D.C., Therefore, if it weren’t for the governments “Socialism” those states would be BANKRUPT! The southeastern states, that don’t believe the civil war is over, or that they lost, also have the unhealthiest people in America and the worse healthcare systems.

The problem is all the money that is spent to sell these people a load of, pardon my language, CRAP!

I’m Ill, I have Type II Diabetes, I Have Heart Disease, I Can’t Afford Health Insurance and Don’t Qualify for Medicaid.

But, That’s Not Going to Stop Me from Voting for Someone Who Swears They Will Not “Expand Medicaid” or Allow My State to Implement that “Obamacare” (The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) and Set Up a Healthcare Exchange That Will Help Me Get Affordable Healthcare! Wait! What?!

Why would people who are unhealthy, and live in a state that has an inefficient healthcare system, vote for someone who would not expand Medicaid, and who would fight against all the provisions that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) (aka Obamacare) has for getting health insurance to those who don’t have it, and can’t afford it? Instead of working on, and passing jobs bills, the 113th Congress (“The Least Productive Congress in U.S. History) spent over $60B voting more than 45 times to repeal this law, without having anything to replace it, that would help the 40 million Americans without health insurance get affordable healthcare. Great Republican policy here!

I’m on Social Security, I’m on Social Security Disability (SSD,) I’m on Social Security Supplemental Income (SSI)

But, That’s Not Going to Stop Me from Voting for Someone Who wants to cut Social Security While Giving Corporations $540B in Subsidies

Why would people who are receiving Social Security benefits, whether it be that they have attained the eligibility age to collect it, after paying into it all their working lives, or Social Security Supplemental Income (SSI,) or Social Security Disability (SSD,) vote for people who want to cut Social Security? Or even worse, privatize it? Remember when, and how many times the Republicans wanted to privatize Social Security? It started under President George W. Bush in 2005. A post on Social Security will be forthcoming on this blog in the near future, watch for it to learn how much of the national debt is owed to Social Security. What are the Republicans economic policies doing to help those on fixed incomes from Social Security? Oh, that’s right, they want to cut Social Security even though 18% of the nations debt is owed to, you guessed it, Social Security! The government owes almost twice as much to Social Security as it does to China and Hong Kong.

How’s Wall Street Doing? What are the Republicans doing to Fix the Problems That Caused the Financial Collapse?

The short answer is that the Stock Market has doubled under President Obama.  However, the crooks that caused people to lose their net worth by losing taking their homes and their retirement funds, their 401k’s, have it and are enjoying it very much, thank you. You know, the ones who never went to jail because their companies were deemed “Too Big To Fail” (TBTF)? By the way, The Republicans have blocked the Dodd-Frank law for years now, that’s the law that would have dismantled the 28 companies that were deemed TBTF and put back into place the regulations that would prevent it from happening again. Instead we have people like the CEO of J.P. Morgan, CEO Jamie Dimon who got an $8.5 million raise for his role in “shaping” the company.  He got a raise, despite the fact that JP Morgan Chase just paid a $13 billion settlement to the US government for shady and predatory mortgage practices. The Republicans economic policies do help corporations and Wall Street, but don’t help the poorest people, or the poorest states in any way here.

One more side note, thanks to the Republicans blocking the dismantling of those 28 companies that had to be bailed out by taxpayers, the number of companies today deemed TBTF, instead of being dismantled HAS RISEN to 29, and the other 28 that were To Big To Fail when the collapse took place have actually GROWN!

But I digress,  I still can’t get into my head why people vote these politicians in, who obviously only have their, the ultra-rich, and corporations, agenda in mind. Not only do they not have their constituents needs in mind, but actually lie to them in order to advance their agendas. Back to the original question. Why are 9 out of 10 of “The Poorest States in the country” Republican states? Below are the 10 poorest states with their 2009 median income (the latest available from the Census Bureau) and the party that has the most voters in that state.

States ranked by 2011 Median Income – Poorest 10 States are listed with which political party has the most voters.

41 Oklahoma             $43,225       Republican
42 South Carolina   $42,367       Republican
43 New Mexico        $41,963                                       Democratic
44 Louisiana              $41,734       Republican
45 Tennessee            $41,693       Republican
46 Alabama                $41,415       Republican
47 Kentucky              $41,141       Republican
48 Arkansas               $38,758       Republican
49 West Virginia      $38,227       Republican
50 Mississippi           $36,919       Republican

I would have to say that the Republicans economic policies can’t be very good at all if their own states are the poorest in the nation. So let’s see how the “Spin Machine” answers to this.

So Why Are the Poorest States “Red States?

One of the best answers to the question I’ve posed here, I believe, is an answer I received to one of my previous questions/posts: “Someone Please Tell Me Why People Vote Against Their Own Best Interest?” (Which was posted on this blog on August 7, 2014.) The answer I’m referring to came from Mr. Fred Watkins : “The arsenal of the Conservatives (Tea Party) is really quite simplistic; fear, hate and apathy. This is not a new phenomenon, it has been around since the dawning of mankind (purportedly 6,000 years ago) It plays on these innate emotions, feeding them with misinformation, disinformation, propaganda and spin. This (movement) has been systematically prepared for quite some time, utilizing the above mentioned sentiments to manipulate the misinformed that the (enemy) is feared because of his ethnicity/religion/sexual orientation/gender. The (enemy) is a Muslim/Socialist/Marxist/Communist (Note:Never a Nationalist) The (enemy) is on Welfare/Social Security/SNAP/Unemployment. The (enemy) is hated for the above mentioned reasons and they are moochers/lazy/over-educated. The most important aspect in this movement is apathy, they don’t want the truth but want someone that has a picture painted of their vision, that makes it acceptable, similar to mob mentality/peer pressure. It’s interesting that you chose Minch McConman as he will be out of a job soon.” 

The “Spin Factory”

Why, you might ask, would I use Mr. Watkins answer to a previous question here? It’s because I think they are intertwined. The “Spin Factory” as Mr. Watkins calls it in a subsequent comment (see all comments from that post here) is a very effective tool to keep the low information voter voting for these politicians who are getting rich while they serve the ultra-rich and corporations interest. The 1%er’s don’t want anyone to get anything, especially if it will cause them to pay even 1 red cent in additional taxes, they want it all. So when it comes to social programs or anything else, if it’s not going to increase their  bottom line, or if it’s going to make them pay that red cent, they are against it. That’s where “The Spin Factory” and the 1%er’s money comes into play.  Mr Watkins says “The funniest thing is that many of these people are retired on Social Security AND are voting against themselves as are many other folks that one would think could see the reality. The “Spin Factory” is amazing to watch weekly.”

So much time and money is spent on misleading the people in these poorest red states that they are actually believing that voting for the greedy, self-serving, unmoral, despicable,  politicians that they’re voting for is in their best interest! And let’s not forget the ultra-rich owned media. You already know where I’m going, don’t you? There are no Republican Economic Policies, or any other kind of policies working for the people here, nothing helping their poor states here at all, but Shhh! Don’t tell the voters that!

The Misleading Media – Paid For By a 1%er Near You!

This is from Sourcewatch.org , although there are many, many, sources to back up the information you will see here:

The Fox News Channel (FNC) is a cable news channel owned by Rupert Murdoch‘s News Corporation and Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal[1]; it is considered by many as a quasi-arm of the Republican party or at least the right wing movement.[2]


Surveys have found that Fox News viewers have more misconceptions than those who get their news from other media outlets.[3]

In fact, I distinctly remember seeing a poll (unfortunately I don’t recall whose poll it was, possibly a NBC/Wall St. Journal poll) showed that Fox News watchers actually were wrong on more questions about current events and especially politics the people who didn’t watch, or read, any news at all!  I could produce so much referenced sources to back up the fact that Fox News is the farthest from “Fair and Balanced” then any other news source in America, if not the world.

The point is that because of the ultra-rich owning the media, both print and TV, and corrupting the Tea Party members and Republicans to make policy that helps their own bottom lines, and not that of the people in the poorest states, that nothing will change for those states.

Well Why Don’t Those People Just Get A Job – Pull Themselves Up By Their Own Bootstraps – Escape From Poverty

Well that’s easy. House Speaker John Boehner refused to put any jobs bill up for a vote, not even an Infrastructure bill that would create a lot of good paying jobs. One bill was sure to pass before the holiday break but he wouldn’t put it up for a up or down vote. All this while out right lying, as usual, saying “We’ve always been about Jobs.” In an article by the Huffington Post article from 2012 when the republicans actually proposed something to do with jobs the article “Republican Jobs Bills Won’t Actually Create Jobs, Economist Say”    it was stated that  “President [Barack] Obama and Democrats here in Congress have shown us what doesn’t work: more government, more spending, more taxes don’t create more jobs,” Boehner said at a recent weekly briefing. “We’ve passed more than 30 jobs bills, including bipartisan bills expanding energy production and projects like the Keystone pipeline.” O.K. this was 2012 which is where I had to go to have anything real that would look like a real proposal. As far as the Keystone Pipeline XL they were claiming “Tens of Thousands of Jobs Would Be Created,” but now even they have admitted that total construction jobs for the 2 years it would be built is about 2,000-2,500, and no one is disputing that once operational it would only create 35-50 permanent jobs!

For more recent information on the total misinformation they’re putting out to those poor states, and everyone else read “What is the Republicans/TeaPublicans Plan For Jobs Since They Are Blocking Every Jobs Bill The President Proposes?” a post from August 7, 2014 on this very blog.

You won’t find any Republican policies that would help the 10 poorest States, or anyone else, there. So in closing, I can’t find ANY Republican policies that would explain how they are helping their own states from being the 9 out of 10 poorest states in the country. If you have any p[lease enlighten me. Thanks for reading.


References (from http://www.SourceWatch.org)


  1. Jump up Lee Fang Conservative Activists Rebel Against Fox News: Saudi Ownership Is ‘Really Dangerous For America’, ThinkProgress.org, February 10, 2010
  2. Jump up Richard Sisk White House: Fox News ‘a wing of the Republican Party’ New York Daily News, October 12, 2009
  3. Jump up Simon Maloy (2010-12-19). UMD Report: Regular Viewers of Fox News More Likely To Be Misinformed. Media Matters for America. Retrieved on 2011-05-28. “Back in 2003, the University of Maryland’s Program on International Policy Attitudes conducted a survey on public knowledge of terrorism and the then-recently launched Iraq war. The report found that “[t]hose who receive most of their news from Fox News are more likely than average to have misperceptions” about these issues of grave national importance. And the difference was stark: According to the report, Fox News viewers were “three times more likely than the next nearest network” to hold inaccurate views of 9-11, WMDs in Iraq, and international support for the war. Last week, the Program on International Policy Attitudes released another, wider-ranging report on “Misinformation and the 2010 Election,” which examined the accuracy of news consumers’ views on tax policy, government bailouts, the economy, climate science, and President Obama’s background. The findings were in line with the 2003 survey — Fox News viewers were “significantly more likely” to be misinformed: …”





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